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React Redux Tutorial | Create Youtube Player -3

by Nabendu Biswas / June 26th, 2020

#react #javascript #redux
Series: Youtube-Player-React

Welcome to part-3 of the series.

We will add the functionality to click on a video, in the list to select it and display it in the player.

Let’s now start with video_list_item.js and add the onClick() handler. Here we have imported the YTSearchAction first and then in li (which will hold a single video in list), added an onClick() handler which will send the video to the init function.


Next, we will create the mapDispatchToProps, where we are dispatching a new action method getUserSelected with the clicked video.


Next we will add this getUserSelected() in yt_search_action.js. This is quite straightforward and similar to getSearchResult(), just that we are not doing any API calls and passing a single video object.


As we have added a new constant, so we need to add the same in types.js file.


Now to handle this action, we will add code in yt_search_reducer.js. Basically, we are having this new empty object _userSelected and assigning it to the video we received from yt_search_action.js in action.payload .


Now, let’s move to the receiving end and it is the video_detail.js. We will receive this video there and change it in the video player.

So, we are first adding a new state variable userSelected and also mapping it to a props userSelected, which we are receiving from YTReducer. We are also adding the logic for it in componentWillReceiveProps.


Next, we will change the logic to show the user selected video, if we get a Object with some value in userSelected or else will show the first video from the search.


Now, our project is over, but we have a small issue and that it if we click on any video to change it. After that search again and it still show the old video.

Small IssueSmall Issue

Now, to solve it we have to go back to our search_bar.js and dispatch an action for getUserSelected() with empty object.


Now, i want to push this code to github. But before moving i will hide the API Keys. So, i created a .env file in the root directory and added the API key in it.


After that also added the same in .gitignore file, so that it is not pushed to github.


And then update the yt_search_action.js to use the key from the environment variable.


You need to restart npm start to see the project working again. You can find the code for this series in this github repo.

Nabendu Biswas