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Video landing page with Flexbox

by Nabendu Biswas / July 27th, 2020

#css #beginners #webdev

A lot of sites nowadays have nice video background. So, i also wanted to created a simple video background landing page for a travel company, with a search bar in the centre.

I had downloaded a royalty free video from the awesome site

Video SiteVideo Site

Also, the video was a mp4 and 10MB in size, so i had reduced it using an online converter to webm.

Now, we need to create any folder for the project. Inside it create a folder videos and place the video in it. Also create two files — index.html and style.css in it.

Also, creating a simple markup for our site. We have a div with class of cover, wrapping our header and the form. The form just contains a simple input with a placeholder text.

We are using a video tag to show the webm video and given the attribute to autoplay, mute and play it in a loop.


Without any styles our webpage looks like below. Notice that i am using the VSCode extension of Live Server to have the capabilities of hot reloading.

Without stylesWithout styles

We will write the basic styles in style.css first. Here, we are using an awesome google font lobster for our h1. In html and * we are resetting some of the basics for the browser.

We are also making the video as position: absolute and giving the top as 0, to bring it to the start.


So, our page looks like below now.

Page NowPage Now

Next, we need to centre both h1 and the search bar. So, we will use display: flex, with justify-content and align-items to centre it.

We are also, required to give flex-direction: column or else the h1 and search-bar will come in same row.


Our h1 and search-bar is centered properly now.

Centered properlyCentered properly

Next, we will just style our flex-form and input to complete our project.

Project DoneProject Done

So, our page will look like below in desktop.

Moving backgroundMoving background

And it is also responsive and will look like below on mobile view.

Mobile ViewMobile View

This completes our mini project. You can find the code for the same in my github repo here.

Nabendu Biswas