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How I deployed my Gatsby site to AWS S3 - 2

by Nabendu Biswas / June 15th, 2020

#AWS #devops #gatsby
Series: Thewebdev-fixes

Welcome to part-2 of our AWS journey. I am deploying my blog site to AWS S3 which is currently deployed in Netlify.

So, we will start to create bucket in this part. Give the bucket a unique name and click on Next button.


In the next screen keep the default values and click on the Next button.


In the next screen also keep the default values and click on the Next button.


In the next screen we can review our changes and click on the Create bucket button.

Create BucketCreate Bucket

Now, our bucket thewebdev-deploy is created but we need to do some more settings.

Bucket createdBucket created

Next, click on the Permissions tab and then the Edit button.


Then, we need to un-check the checkbox, next to Block all public access and click on Save button. It will show a pop-up where, we need to type confirm and click on Confirm button.


We need to restrict the public access, so we will be using this doc and copy the below query.

Read AccessRead Access

Next, in the Permissions tab only click on Bucket Policy and paste the query from above here. We just need to change the examplebucket to the real bucket name, which is thewebdev-deploy in my case.

Bucket PolicyBucket Policy

After clicking on the Save button, we will get the below message.


Now, click on the Properties tab and the click on Static website hosting.


Here, click the radio button Use this bucket to host a website and then give the Index document as index.html and Error document as 404.html. After that click on Save button.

Save buttonSave button

This completes the part-2 of the series.

Nabendu Biswas