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Review - GraphQL with Node & React - Academind - 1

by Nabendu Biswas / January 21st, 2020

#javascript #react #graphql
Series: Review-react-graphql

As i had told in my earlier series, that i had started working on React, Graphql and Apollo client at work so it was time to refresh the concepts.

After the last mini series i wanted to create something big, which cover things in more details. On searching through YouTube i found a course by one of udemy top instructor Maximilian Schwarzmüller, who is also known for his company Academind. The course Build a Project with GraphQL, Node.js, MongoDB and React.js link is here

The course is very long an approx 8 hours. The course is a very detailed one and is like any of Maximilian's paid udemy courses.

It contains of 23 videos and each of approx 25 mins. The first 10 videos contains of server side of the code and i completed these videos. I didn’t found any errors in the code as this series is quite new and recorded on 14 Feb 2019.

There are a lot of changes in Graphql since the first release and many of the courses have a lot of bug but i didn’t found any till video 10.

The project is about building a Event booking app, in which a user can login and create Events. Then other users can book this event.

I had taken one of Maximilian’s udemy course on Angular 8 and he teaches in great detail and from the smallest details.

In this course we start by setting up NodeJS and then moving to GraphQL. We are not taught much of NodeJS as more focus is on GraphQL.


After that we setup the MongoDB in the cloud with it’s free service. After that we add relations in GraphQL and other stuff related to it.


We also constantly create the mutations and queries in GraphQL to test our code.


We also do a good refactoring of the code by creating smaller component in Video 9. After that Maximilian ends the server part in video 10 with jwt authentication.


I had complete the code till part-10 and can be found in my github repo here.

Till now it’s a great course although some videos are a bit complicated and need to be done again.

I will give the next review after i complete the React part and the course. After completing the course i will take the learning and create something of my own.

See you soon.

Nabendu Biswas