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Create a Github API search app in JS

by Nabendu Biswas / November 22nd, 2020

#javascript #beginners #webdev
Series: JS-Projects

In this project we will create a web-app, which will search github username and give us details about the user. We are going to use the github api for it.

So, open your terminal and create a folder GithubProfiles. Inside the folder create three files index.html, main.js and styles.css. We are also opening the code in VS Code. As usual, you do these tasks manually.


After that head over to index.html and create the basic skeleton. I have also started the project in Live Server, so our changes will be updated whenever we update something.

We just have a form wrap an input field. We have a main tag, which will show our user profile.


Now, it’s time to style them. So, open your styles.css and add the basic code for the body and input.


Now, we will write the logic to hit the github api. We are using my username to call the function getUser(), and get the data. After that we are calling the createUserCard(), and adding the data in a card div.

After that just adding the created card div to the main innerHTML.


We will next style the data which we had just received. So, head over to styles.css and add styles for card, avatar, user-info. We had just created them in the main.js file.


Now, we will use another of github api to get the repos of the user. We are calling the function getRepos() with the username. Here, again we are getting the data by using fetch api. Next, we are calling the addReposToCard() function with the data.

Inside the addReposToCard() function, we are looping through all the repos and adding it as an anchor tag, to the repos element.


We will again style this ugly anchor tag. So, head over to styles.css and add the style.


Now, our project is almost complete except the search functionality in the search bar. So, in main.js we are adding an event listener to the input. So, when we type a username and press enter, it will search github and if the user exists, we will get the data.


This complete our project and you can find the github repo for the same here.

Nabendu Biswas