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Learn GatsbyJS by creating a tourism site -9

by Nabendu Biswas / December 10th, 2019

#gatsby #react #javascript
Series: Gatsby-tourism

Welcome to part-9 of the series. Now, it’s time to get out data and display it in our project. We can do this with internal data, but we will use headless CMS to store our data and then will consume it.

We will use contentful for our project. So, go ahead and signup. Now, when you go to the dashboard for the first time you will get the below screen.

Contentful spaceContentful space

Rest of the chapter is exclusive content and is from my book Foundation Gatsby Projects.

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Foundation Gatsby Projects

Now, we are done with all the model. So, press the Save button on the top right corner.

Save itSave it

This completes part-9 of the series.

We will start adding data in part-10.

Nabendu Biswas