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Learn GatsbyJS by creating a tourism site -15

by Nabendu Biswas / December 19th, 2019

#gatsby #react #javascript
Series: Gatsby-tourism

Welcome to part-15 of the series. Before moving forward, i would want to create another graphql query. Generally the blog are posted in descending order, meaning the newer blogs should come up.

Desc postsDesc posts

Rest of the chapter is exclusive content and is from my book Foundation Gatsby Projects.

The book can be purchased from Apress site here

Foundation Gatsby Projects

It will show all our four blogs from contentful, in the below way in the browser.

Hampi blogHampi blog

This completes part-15 of the series. You can find the code for the same here.

Also, because of the continuous deployment it got successfully pushed to netlify site.

See you soon.

Nabendu Biswas