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Build an Restaurant site with Gatsby and Snipcart - 18

by Nabendu Biswas / May 21st, 2020

#javascript #react #gatsby
Series: Gatsby-snipcart

Welcome to part-18 of the series. There is a feature which is pending in our site and this is of Webhooks. We have added all menu items, but if we want to change one item or new to add some new items. In such cases after adding the data in contentful, we have to trigger the deploy in our netlify.

We can automate this process and it helps, if we are creating a site with ecommerce feature for a client, to whom we had only given contentful access. Now, they can just change the data in contentful and the site will be re-deployed with the change.

So, let’s head over to netlify for our site and click on Site Settings.

Site SettingsSite Settings

Rest of the chapter is exclusive content and is from my book Foundation Gatsby Projects.

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Foundation Gatsby Projects

After the build is done, when we move back to our site, we can see the changes in place.


You can find the code for the project in this github repo.

Nabendu Biswas