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My One year of work — Gatsby Cookbook

by Nabendu Biswas / May 18th, 2020

#javascript #react #gatsby
Series: Gatsby-cookbook

As most of my readers know, i had invested heavily in GatsbyJS and writing blog in it for the past 1 year. I also created 3 of my personal sites in Gatsby with 1 more to come soon.

Initially i was going to publish it through self-publishing route, but was approached by top Technical Publisher Apress and they helped my amateur book to turn into a complete professional stuff.

I never knew so much though process goes into publishing a book after the initial draft. There is a team of editor, reviewer, manager who turns your book into a professional piece.

By book will also be published in three parts. The first part will contain beginners to intermediate stuff. So, it gives me immense pleasure to announce my first book, just got released.

All the sites in the book are created with the awesome static site generator GatsbyJS. The details on creating the sites are explained in plain English and in a very simple way, although a bit of knowledge of ReactJS and GraphQL will help.

The book can be purchased from Apress site here

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