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Creating Blog site using Stackbit and Gatsby — 2

by Nabendu Biswas / November 15th, 2019

#gatsby #react #javascript
Series: Gatsby-stackbit

Welcome to part 2 of the series and my 100th blog :)

After completing my blogging site in part-1, it’s time to buy and domain name and add the details in netlify.

For adding a custom domain, i generally follow steps from this awesome Brad Traversy video.

The first thing to do is to buy a domain name and we will use the most popular service — namecheap

Once you login to your account, you will see this below screen.


Rest of the chapter is exclusive content and is from my book Foundation Gatsby Projects.

The book can be purchased from Apress site here

Foundation Gatsby Projects

Now, if we head over to we won’t get any error.

Finally httpsFinally https

Finally by blog site is live.

Now, this blog i getting long so ending it here. Still some work is remaining but all of it is backend work, which will help me with SEO, analytics, canonical links.

See you soon in the final part :)

Nabendu Biswas