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Build an Agency Website with HTML & CSS -2

by Nabendu Biswas / July 22nd, 2020

#html #beginners #css
Series: Agency-html

Welcome to part-2 of the series. We will continue building our Agency site and start with the showcase part.

So, head over to the index.html and create a showcase section. It contains of a section with id showcase and again a div with class container. Inside the div, we have a h1 and a p.


First add an image showcase.jpg inside the images folder.


Now, we will add the styles for the showcase. So, move to your style.css and add below styles. Here, we are adding a min-height, which are very helpful for responsive sites. Next, we are adding the background image and after that the text-align and color properties for the text.


Notice that our top of the image is only been shown.

Cut ImageCut Image

To fix the issue, we will add two more properties to the showcase. One is for background-repeat and the other for background-position.


Now, the background-position property allow us the move the image and we are moving it to the top.

Image upImage up

Next, we will style the h1 and p here. For the h1, we are using margin-top to move it 100px below.

h1 and ph1 and p

This will show the h1 and p of correct size and at correct place.

Correct placeCorrect place

After that we will create our boxes section, which will contain three box. Each will contain an image, h1 and a p tag with content. We also need to put three logo images in the images folder. You can find them from the github repo at the end of this part.


Now, our web-page have these three boxes with no styling.

No stylingNo styling

Next, we will place them at the right place, with the help of floats.

style for boxesstyle for boxes

Now, our boxes are almost styled.

Almost styledAlmost styled

We will reduce the size of the logo by targeting the images and making the width as 90px.


Now, the logo images are perfectly sized.

Logo imagesLogo images

This completes part-2.

You can find the code till this part in my github repo here.

Nabendu Biswas